This place we call home

The Tomcaks have made a life in Crested Butte centered around the town’s unique blend of community and nature’s artwork.

 It started with Aaron living in Gunnison and attending Western Colorado University, lured by the school and the skiing. Post-grad life kicked in, and Crested Butte’s magnetic charm enticed him north for a permanent stay. 

Heather was living in Silverton at the time and met Aaron on a river trip—the rest is history. She fell in love with Aaron and the mountain town of CB. 

Fast forward to 2004, and Aaron and Heather decided to not just live but invest in Crested Butte’s local groove. Aaron bought Mountain Spirits Liquors, and as a sommelier he turned it into a wine lover’s paradise. 

At the same time Heather started her lighting business, Luminous Lighting and Design. “I love illuminating people’s homes and businesses,” she says, a detail that people often overlook but that provides a key touch in creating the right vibe and atmosphere specific to a room or space. 

We are Proud to call Crested Butte home.

“The contagious joy buzzing through our community is something we wear with pride,” explain Aaron and Heather. “Being part of Crested Butte’s culture is a treasure. From our awesome local school to free bus rides and quirky small businesses, every bit adds to the pride we feel in this one-of-a-kind town.

“No traffic lights, no chain stores—just genuine charm. The lively tunes at the Public House, the mountain, or the Center for the Arts are the heartbeat of our cultural scene. These things, mixed into the fabric of Crested Butte, fuel our pride and deepen the bond we share with this extraordinary place we’re lucky to call home.”

What sets Crested Butte apart? It’s the tight-knit threads of compassion and care woven into our community fabric. Here, friendships don’t know age limits; they just know support. Embracing our quirks is the norm, and authenticity is our badge of honor.
And raising a family here is like hitting the jackpot. Crested Butte crafts an environment where families thrive, enveloped in a community that values connection and the sweet rhythm of well-being. It’s the mix of genuine care, diverse friendships, and that cozy, distinctive charm that truly makes Crested Butte a standout haven—a place where building a meaningful life is as natural as breathing in mountain air.